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We’re serious about quality. That’s why we carry the finest fishing gear and freshest bait in town.

top products

trusted brands

We’re serious about quality. That’s why we carry the finest fishing gear and freshest bait in town.

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Featured categories

Live & Frozen baits

We stock the best selection of bait in the Alton area, including minnows, goldfish, crickets, waxworms, mealworms, red worms, red wigglers, nightcrawlers and superworms. Find frozen skipjack, shad, Asian carp sides and shrimp, too.

Rods & Reels

You’ll find the largest selection of quality rods and reels, including catfish trophy rods that won’t buckle while you’re fighting a 100-lb monster.

Fishing Hooks

Be prepared with hooks for every fishing adventure. Find the best selection of large catfish hooks in the area – Gamakatsu, Team Catfish, Trokar and Eagle Claw, you name it.

Sinkers & molds

Our big-river sinkers are made locally and crafted to cut through the strongest current to put your bait right in front of the fish.

Floats & Bobbers

When a fish strikes, you’ll be ready. Our easy-to-see floats and bobbers come in different sizes, shapes and colors to weather the harshest wind and waves.

Crappie Lures

Stock up on everything you need to reel in the crappie, from tubes to jigs, in colors that stand out in the murkiest water. Get your hands on trusted brands like Southern Pro Tackle, Midsouth Tackle, Strike King, Slab Buster and Bandit.

Swivels & Leaders

Find the right swivel and leader for your tackle.

Fishing Line

Don’t let the wrong line cost you your prized catch! We carry line that’s tough enough to handle the twisting, pulling and strain of a big catfish.

Trapping & Hunting

You’ll find the best selection of traps, bait and lures in the area, plus bowhunting supplies. Get what you need to pit your wits against raccoons, beavers, muskrats, bobcats, coyotes and other crafty critters.

Apparel & accessories

We offer durable outdoor apparel, including hats, fishing shirts and waders.

Bass Lures

From crankbaits to bucktail jigs, you’ll find everything you need to entice the bass to bite.

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